Hire an In-House Team or Outsource IT?

Postado por: em 27/06/2018

In order to optimize routine processes, reduce expenses, increase the quality of services and products, reduce operational risks and ensure the security of organizational data, the IT sector has been increasingly focused on strategy and comes up as an important advantage in the digital context.

In an increasingly competitive, complex and unstable economic scenario, companies from different sectors, sizes and cultures are seeking technological solutions. They want to innovate, increase their sales and thus gain a larger share of the market in which they are inserted.

An efficient IT management not only assists the computerized part of the organization, but also contributes to the productive, economic and logistic aspects of the company. Not to mention the provision of special Information Technology technical assistance, an essential element to this new era.

IT outsourcing is the outsourced use of a company that provides strategy and maintenance services related to the entire IT area for different types of businesses, especially those whose services or products are not specialized in technology.

Due to the realization that a company needs to invest in making upgrades, in data security as well as in the quality of Information Technology services, a dilemma arises: hire an in-house team or outsource IT?

Advantages and disadvantages of having an in-house team

One of the main advantages of keeping an IT department within the company is to count on full dedication of professionals in person. This means that they will be available to solve simple or complex daily demands inside the physical space of the company. With the allocated staff, companies can ensure that professionals keep the same pace of work as the other sectors of the company.

Another advantage of in-house team is the immediate communication with the IT staff, as face-to-face meetings offer better engagement between the team and provide solutions efficiently, which can help optimize the direct follow-up on goals.

While on the one hand it is possible to have a prediction of costs having a team in the company, hiring a top-quality in-house IT staff can be a very costly process. After all, such professionals need to be recruited, hired, trained, upgraded and maintained through salaries, in addition to generating labor charges and unforeseen costs related to employee turnover.

With the growth of the company and the increased demands’ complexity, the costs will also increase once the in-house IT team will not be enough to meet all the new demands. Therefore, it may be necessary to hire professionals with different expertise, to afford further labor charges and to provide greater infrastructure for those who are just coming in the company.

Advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing an IT team

When outsourcing an IT team, a company does not need to invest in specific equipment or software to start their project and optimize their growth. Especially micro and small businesses, as well as start-ups that want to leverage their business without needing large initial investments or even large companies that want to reduce IT costs.

Therefore, IT outsourcing is a cost-efficient method to reach a wide range of experts who can provide the necessary solutions for your business, including more effective emergency action resolution.

There are some disadvantages which, at first, may require a joint effort. It will require an alignment process, both in terms of the expectations of the contracting company, as well as in terms of goals and objectives with the outsourced IT company. Style clashes, different pace of work, and initial communication barriers can exist on both sides, precisely because they are not allocated in-company.

Creating the culture of meetings and constant communication in order to ensure proper alignment of needs between your company and the outsourced IT staff is essential to address the issue.

Benefits of an IT outsourcing team

An IT outsourcing team can also bring several benefits to a company:

  • Significant reduction of physical and technological structure costs, resulting in an excellent return on investment (ROI);
  • Save money as there is no need of constant updating of equipment and software;
  • Budget usage allocated to own IT staff intended for other purposes within the company;
  • Lower complexity of operations so that directors and managers can focus their efforts on their main activities: strategy and company management, consequently increasing the productivity of the team;
  • End of labor charges and costs with training of new employees and constant professionals’ upgrade;
  • Process optimization between the contracting company and the outsourced IT team. The greater the integration between the parties, the better and faster will be the achievement of established goals, reducing the waste of valuable time;
  • Access to qualified and experienced professionals ready to meet the demands of companies from different sectors, in order to solve problems with greater agility and knowledge;
  • Customized service and constant support as agreed between the parties;
  • Access to innovation. The outsourced IT team can suggest constant improvements, always based on their market experience. After all, in order to stand out from the competition, IT outsourcing must always be alert to innovations in the industry and aware of the best way to facilitate and improve the work done, not being limited to a simple maintenance service;
  • Another great advantage is data security. Through experience in other industries and contact with other IT professionals, the risks of external threats such as viruses and leakage of confidential information are drastically reduced.

What to focus on?

Now that you have cleared your doubts about hiring or outsourcing your IT team and checked the main advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing an IT team to your company, make sure you consider your company’s needs and your budget in order to make the best decision.

If this is your final choice, look for a company that is a benchmark in the industry and make sure it has the resources and professionals needed for your business.

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