5 Advantages of Outsourcing Software Development

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terceirizar o desenvolvimento de software

Information technology has changed the world completely in the past years and it is already hard to imagine our lives without messaging, banking, transportation, buying and selling, music, movies and series and news apps, in addition to email, cloud storage, and many other examples. Can you see the importance of Software Development there?

It is obvious that consumer behavior and business models have followed this rapid change. Those who took too long to be up-to-date, have lost market share in a short time and missed out on new opportunities.

The demand for information technology keeps increasing and companies need to provide efficient digital performance in order to remain competitive and present in customers’ daily lives.

The question that comes up in the minds of entrepreneurs is whether it is better to set up an IT team in the company or to outsource software development. Below you can find some of the advantages of IT outsourcing:

1. Saving time and money

Believe it: the cost of meeting labor obligations, physical structure, software and staff training is much higher than hiring a company that already has knowledge and experience. In addition, a company specialized in developing digital products offers greater agility in project management, product management, service performance and improvement.

2. Technology and expertise

An information technology company can guide you to deliver the right product for your target audience, whether it is a high-end software, a mobile app, managing recurring payments for subscription club access, cloud computing, systems integration and many other solutions.

3. Security

Another good reason to choose a company specialized in technology is the concern with your project’s code, documents and files security, which is already part of the routine of this type of company as their development is done by using tools that make sure history is always maintained, so that no data are lost or compromised.

4. Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing IT and every other function that is not part of the company’s major activity is an advantage, as it allows your workforce to focus on the key features of your company.

5. Speed

In IT outsourcing companies the use of fast methodologies makes delivery management easier and allow the client to follow up on their project’s progress in a short time, being able to better define their priorities and test the features in course.

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